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Total project value 998.813,00 EUR

PART E – Quality of the Project Design and Implementation

The project aims to contribute to promoting innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches to STE(A)M teaching in education by designing, developing and evaluating an Masters Degree in Science course in STEAM Education. The MSc. course in STEAM will provide a national, international and practicallyoriented understanding of the ways in which core debates across formal and informal STEAM education can shape responses to pressing social and environmental questions. The programme is structured so that it provides both fundamental knowledge of the discipline (core courses) and specialisation (orientation courses) for vertical and horizontal educational value-creation chains of key axes, namely 21st Century Skills, Adult Education, Informal Education, Secondary Education, Open and lifelong learning education.

Also, beyond coursework, the program is structured around:

– external placements, in education-related institutions and organizations, etc.

– digital learning, to allow modern forms of learning, as well as to enable contribution from experts across the globe in the development of the program.

-promote cooperation, exchange of know-how and good practices in the subject area between EU and PC HEIs;

-establish viable synergies and links with education professionals and teachers in order to address their needs in specialized personnel, and enhance the employability and the inter-disciplinary teaching and learning methods of STEAMedu graduates;

-contribute to innovative teaching and learning methods, by providing to program participants the right and innovative knowledge/skills/tools to turn the tradtional teaching into a more inter-disciplinary approach;

These specific objectives will be achieved by:

-Developing the Master degree in the multi-discipline area of STEAMedu;

-The establishment of STEAMedu labs in PC HEIs that will act as foci for research and innovation in the area;

– Training the academic staff of PC HEIs in the new courses and appropriate delivery methods; 

– Viable synergies and links with the education-related institutions from the region will be established, through 1. the internship programme, 2. the VET component, 3. info days organized by all PC HEIs and 4. targeted dissemination activities including the Final Conference;

– The employability of STEAMedu graduates will be enhanced by 1. addressing existing labour needs of the education organizations, institutions and private firms, 2. by participating in the STEAMedu info days with local stakeholders and 3. by completing internships in local organizations thus gaining valuable job experience and building their work profile.

– Cooperation, exchange of know-how and good practices in the subject area between EU and PC HEIs will be achieved with,

1. five capacity building study visits (2 in Europe for curricula development and 3 in Western Balkans for training),

2. the STEAMedu VLE that will ensure the proper online training of PCs academic staff during and after the project and act as a research portal for publications, cooperation and exchange of new ideas,

3. the active involvement of European partners in all stages of the project, including the delivery of the programme where they will provide feedback for its improvement during and after it has been completed.