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STEM/STEAM education

STEM/STEAM education

During the event topics related to STEM / STEAM education, such as the skills framework and professional profile of STEM / STEAM teachers, the development of STEAM trainer skills, the design and development of a new postgraduate program, etc. will be presented. The objectives and actions of relevant selected projects of the DAISSy research team of the Hellenic Open University funded by the European Erasmus + program will also be presented.

Targeted audience: Educators, Policymakers in education, Wide public

Local/Regional/National/EU level: Regional/National level

Number of Participants: 32

Means of delivery: Online

Organizer: Hellenic Open University


STEAMedu project: Presented in Session 5, 20:20-20:30

Presenters: Theodor Panagiotakopoulos, HOU and Natalia Spyropoulou, HOU